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Database Development

DDi Solutions have a wealth of experience in database design and development. We specialise in relational database platforms such as MS SQL Server 2000+ and MS Access, we also use and develop for platforms such as Oracle and MySQL as required.

We not only develop new databases but our experience makes us the place to go for tips and advice for maintaining your existing databases in tip top condition. We can optionally provide database optimisation advice and planning and database administration tasks such as backups and data recovery.

New or old, large or small, complex or simple, DDi Solutions have the database team and skills to manage and maintain your critical database system. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

MS Access

DDI Solutions have a long history of Microsoft Access Design and Development. Since 1998 we have designed and developed a range of small to large MS Access applications. We find that MS Access applications provide excellent solutions for many small to medium sized businesses as MS Access is a widely used rapid application development platform.

We have extensive experience utilising MS Access front end applications with MS SQL Server and MS Access back end databases.

We can design and develop MS Access applications from the ground up. Our experienced analysts can analyse your business and design a flexible and robust system to suit your exact needs while at the same time taking into consideration future needs.

We are also able to assist with making modifications to your existing MS Access systems.
Our VBA programmers can make code modifications to existing systems and are also able to assist with designing and/or modifying forms and reports.

Some of the benefits of MS Access applications are as follows:
  • MS Access is a widely used rapid application development platform. This means that development time is significantly reduced compared to many other platforms.
  • MS Access runtime can be obtained from MS website free of charge
  • Programs written using MS Access are easily modified. This makes Access a good choice for applications in progress.
  • MS Access applications can link to many other database platforms.
  • MS Access database‚Äôs are easily up scaled to larger database management platforms (i.e. Microsoft SQL Server)

SQL Server

We have been maintaining, programming and designing custom SQL Server databases for over 10 years. We have designed new databases from the ground up and supported and extended existing databases. We design for optimal performance and data integrity. Our programmers are fluent in SQL and T-SQL. We can develop forms to access your data using a variety of methods, custom web sites either internal or external, custom applications using C# or VB.Net or MS Access front ends.

Our developers all understand the requirements for well designed relational databases. With many years experience on system large and small we can provide the team you need to fill your requirements. Contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements in detail.

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